It's Been a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter

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If only my four years of college moved so slowly. Trump's term has seemed endless, with the worst senior year ever! Look where we are: Heading toward 400,000 deaths, a collapsed economy and an impending eviction/homelessness apocalypse from a raging pandemic that Trump insisted would not be a problem. And then there's that sedition thing...


I don't want to list all of Trump's failures- who has that kind of time? Let's just say the failures FAR exceed the accomplishments. (an easy one- I can't think of an accomplishment.) But, he did manage to lose the White House, Senate, and House, even though he had a cult in his pocket. 


It's been a dark time in America, but it appears we've bottomed out. The patient had their head in the bowl and now has finally shown signs of recovering. Civil rights, climate issues, clean energy, immigration, infrastructure, gun violence prevention, tax fairness, health care coverage... there's progress all over the horizon. Plus, a coherent federal response to the pandemic and a restoration of our reputation around the world. 

It seems like years since it's been here. Here comes the sun. And I say it's all right.

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