About Us

What are we doing at Wearing It Well? Bringing you great quality and very cool t-shirts at a non-designer price. Our shirts are soft, lightweight, great fitting and comfy as heck. Our designs are fun, original and occasionally a little quirky. Sometimes they send a message- nothing wrong with having an opinion. We want to make Wearing It Well your go-to site for t-shirts, plain and simple. T-shirts that you'll love to wear to hang in or go out.

Our designs are original. If you see the same design from a non-Wearing It Well site, they have stolen our creation. Please do not reward that kind of unethical behavior. 

Who are we? We're new. We're small (for now). We're super hard working. This is a reinvention for us and we are loving it!

Check out our collections. We're looking to keep things fresh, so collections and offerings are always changing. When you visit Wearing It Well you will not be overwhelmed with billions of t-shirts. We'll offer a simple and manageable experience. Buy what you like. Let us know what you'd like to see- we promise to listen. Come back often to see what's new. 

We also do custom work. So if you need a special design for a special occasion, for any size group or even for an individual, let us know and we'll get on it. 

Let's stay in touch. Join our email list. We'll post you bimonthly on what's leaving and what's coming, plus discounts, surprises and newsworthy stuff. 

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.